Friday, 4 November 2022

How Drupal Commerce Helps Experiencing Profitable Retail Business Journey

Starting your eCommerce journey is certainly not simple. You need to take several imperative decisions as to how to get started, which platform to select, and the installations you require. But the first step towards transforming your retail business is selecting an appropriate eCommerce platform.


Sometimes various businesses feel the urgency of having an electronic commerce identity so they end up selecting any eCommerce platform comes first at the end. However, this may degrade the chances of business success and you might end up going back to the physical retail model.


Instead, choose to have Drupal Commerce service to meet business requirements, avail several benefits, and acquire functionalities to witness success.


Concerning the same, this blog is all about introducing Drupal Commerce, its basic functionalities, and the benefits you must know.


So, without any further ado, let's get started on the same.


What is Drupal Commerce?


Drupal is a powerful, feature-rich, scalable, and open-source (free-to-access) eCommerce platform. It helps businesses of any size to start their digital journey swiftly by experiencing a rich set of features and functionalities. The platform features all the necessary tools, extensions, support, and other features for companies to seamlessly sell products online to targeted customers.


There are several versions of Drupal introduced in the past including Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. And the latest one running around the digital ecosystem is Drupal 9 which is far more advanced and rich in functionalities compared to previous ones.


A complete eCommerce solution, Drupal helps you create an online commerce platform, add products, manage inventory, deal with customers, and much more. For installation and implementation of Drupal 9 for your retail business, get in touch with real-time Drupal experts and seek their support.



Features of Drupal Commerce You Must Know 


Before implementing Drupal Commerce or any other eCommerce platform of your choice, it is imperative to have a look at its features. It helps you know the insights of a particular platform before deciding and availing of eCommerce development services from a reliable company. Therefore, we bring forth a few essential features of the Drupal platform that you must know.


· Online eCommerce store builder: As an eCommerce platform, Drupal provides you with the feature of designing and developing a fully customized retail store. Based on your preference, you can select premium or free-to-access mobile responsive themes and other design layouts to customize the store accordingly. Moreover, there are several pre-built Drupal modules available for you to bring added set of functionalities. 

· Products & order management: Another imperative functionality of Drupal Commerce is performing end-to-end product management. The rich features of the platform allow you to create your own products, customize, add a description, pricing, reviews, attributes, and pictures, and create a catalog. As per the preference, you can showcase a whole list of products that customers can buy or subscribe to. Moreover, there is an additional option of adding your own pricing rules, multi-current functionality, payment gateway, and much more. 

· Shopping cart & checkout: Adding a shopping cart and a seamless checkout process is imperative to narrow down the product buying steps for customers. On the Drupal commerce platform, you can customize your shopping cart form with a specific set of features, enable single or multi-page checkout processes, tax calculations, VAT display, etc. 

· Payment gateways: One of the imperative features of any eCommerce platform including that Drupal is adding specific payment gateways. On this particular page, you can multiple payment ways including credit card, debit card, PayPal, Paytm, Amazon Pay, or any other as per the requirement. 

· Integrations facility: At times, internal functionalities of the Drupal platform will not be enough to launch your eCommerce store. Concerning the same, you have the flexibility of extending functionalities with the help of contributed modules. These are the external modules available for this platform to integrate Google Analytics, MailChimp, accounting software, or any other preferred functionality. 


Key Benefits of Drupal Commerce


After knowing the essential features of the Drupal commerce platform, it's time for you to know the essential benefits. These are as follows:


· Simple, straightforward, & cost-effective eCommerce development with the flexibility to add a preferred set of functionalities.

· Effectively manage eCommerce content with simple addition, editing, removal, and other sets of assistance.

· Customized architecture to add various sorts of functionalities for meeting specific business purposes.

· Easy to add third-party integrations to enhance the support and scalability of the platform.

· End-to-end community support to meet a multitude of platform-related issues & ensure a seamless running process.




Undoubtedly, Drupal commerce is an ideal platform for you to get started with a profitable digital business journey. It gives you maximum control to run business operations, add more customers, and customization capabilities to run the enterprise accordingly. To reap the benefits, avail of Drupal eCommerce development services from a reliable tech partner like Drupal India.

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