Thursday, 18 August 2022

How to Hire Drupal Developer - A Detailed Guide

Are you searching for the best Drupal developer for your upcoming projects? If yes, you have stepped into the right place! In this article, we are going to discuss how you can find and hire Drupal developers for all your business needs. A few crucial resources which are further discussed in this article will guide you to get started with your Drupal website development process. 

1. The skillset of Drupal developers 

A Drupal developer must have the technical competence and proven technical expertise. You must ensure that the developers can create Drupal modules to meet project requirements and can create a custom theme from scratch while adhering to core standards. Furthermore, you should inquire about the types of websites that the Drupal developers have previously created, and you should ensure that they have extensive experience with Drupal sites in order to complete your project correctly.

2. Good communication skills

Drupal developers must first understand the client's needs and then find appropriate solutions. Developers typically work in cross-functional teams and must communicate and present their ideas and issues to stakeholders. Good communication skills save time, cut down on errors, and increase productivity. It also plays an important role in keeping the entire team on the same page, which leads to a better work environment for teams to succeed. As a result, when you hire Drupal developers, you should thoroughly examine the candidate's communication skills. Keep in mind that effective communication skills are linked to higher levels of development.

3. Ability to work with a team

A skilled Drupal developer should be able to collaborate effectively with others. Remember that an ideal candidate has a positive attitude toward teammates and managers. You should also ensure that the developer can easily adapt to your workplace culture. It is even more critical if you are hiring remote Drupal developers who can work in a distributed team. These abilities are critical for project success and avoiding internal conflicts.

4. Prior work experience

A successful project requires more than just theoretical knowledge. It restricts developers until they figure out where to use it. Rather than putting your entire CMS project at risk, it is far better to hire Drupal developers with a few years of experience. After all, practical experience is required for a well-guided and efficient development process. Proven work experience defines the Drupal developer's knowledge and aids you in determining the professional's skills.

5. Acquia certification

Professional certification verifies a candidate's technical competency and abilities for a specific promotion or designation. Acquia certification is the best way to evaluate a Drupal developer's fundamental web concepts, site building, as well as front-end and back-end development concepts.

6. Previous client testimonials

Another important consideration when hiring Drupal developers is testimonials/references or reviews from previous clients. As a result, you should speak with a few of their previous clients to get a sense of their previous work and professional attitude.

7. Innovative approach

A highly skilled Drupal developer should approach problem-solving with a curious and imaginative mindset. They must strike the proper balance between adhering to traditional norms and being open to new and ultra-modern innovative solutions.

8. Price or quality

Neither throwing a large sum of money without first double-checking the necessary skills nor opting for the cheapest and most cost-effective options can solve the problem of hiring the most suitable and competent Drupal developer. You must strike a careful balance between your budget and the developer's quality.

9. Excellent task & time management skills

Developers typically have too many tasks to handle at once, which is why a talented Drupal developer should know how to manage their tasks and plan ahead of time to avoid exceeding deadlines.

Final Thought 

So, these are crucial factors to consider if you are planning to hire Drupal developers. It is important to scrutinize the Drupal developer’s profile thoroughly before your final selection. Also, you need to check your social profile to learn about their dedication, consistency, and knowledge. While hiring Drupal developers you need to look for their technical expertise and the industries they have worked in so far. Transparency is another crucial factor you need to check if they follow in their process.

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